Process is key, Growth is the Goal

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I was admiring a fellow entrepreneur the other day. He has a successful business and it is growing at a rate of knots.

He has a great team and approach. They have a steady stream of good contracts and good opportunities just seems to fall in his lap.

One thing that I was reflecting on is how do successful businesses repeat quality delivery? My approach and observation is that if you commit to a process of success it’s more likely than not that you will achieve it. People look for the magic trick that is going to bring success. The truth of it is that if you are not committed to a process you are destined to remain at base camp. You will never scale and grow without a refineable and definable process in place.

Professionals naturally commit to a process and stick to it. Their professional learning dictates that you learn a base set of knowledge and then add to it as you progress through life. If you need to tweak the process, find what works and then do that. Aimlessly firing into the fog hoping it hits the mark is never a good or successful strategy.

To be committed to success the key is to not compare yourself with others. Review and discuss what other are doing and learn but in the end you need to find the process that works for you and stick with it. Measure it, put targets around and constantly tweak based on real performance.

Some of the key things that I have learnt in growing my business is

Don’t wait, dive straight in

An entrepreneur that learns by trying is the best way to find your workable process. You can be stuck in analysis paralysis if you don’t learn by the action you perform and the results that are returned. The best way to work out if something is going to work is to simply try it. Execute, assess, tweak.. Rinse and repeat.

Constant improvement

By constantly reviewing your process you are looking to constantly improve. If you assume what you are doing is going to work in every situation or condition then you are going to be proved wrong every time. Constantly assessing and tweaking is the necessary behaviour of a successful entrepreneur.

Do a little bit of reflection each day

Your day needs to include a time of reflection and review. Without time to assess you will be constantly on the rat wheel. You won’t know immediately that the rat wheel needs improvement unless you get off it and take stock on where you are.

Build knowledge connections

I work with a variety of different industries and with a variety of entrepreneurs, leaders, great thinkers. One thing that is common is that their problems are also common. Growth, customer traction, product development — these are the common threads. Look at other industries on how they do things and answers can be found there that can help your own situation.

There is so much strength in diversification.

Failure is the best feedback

Those that do not like failure are destined to be affected by it, because believe me, you are going to fail. The plan will almost never go to plan and you will taste bitter defeat on many occasions. The success is that you actually have a plan and process in place. Your response to failure is how it affects you and what you do to rectify for next time. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” How many times are you willing to fail? What do you learn from your failure and how do you add it to your next venture or client interaction.

Build a skill and a portfolio

Being committed means building a body of work throughout your life. I love building ideas, executing and then moving on.

If you are committed to the process of building great ideas rally a body of work around you. Get shit done and let the world know about it. You will have a mountain of experience in that body of work that helps you build your skills and refine what you are good at.

Build a legacy by creating

If you want to truly put your mark on the world build something that people will remember. A legacy is something you create over time. You need to build and refine your process over time to add to your legacy.


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